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About Us

The Prescotts

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Bendon Blossoms is owned and operated by Gabrielle & Trenton in Interlochen, Michigan.

They purchased their 40 acres in 2021 and they immediately went to work to bring the farm back to life. Their property came with a few barns, a 1919 farmhouse in need of some love, and acres of fields that have sat untouched for over 15 years. They are only the second family to live on the property in the last 100 years. 


Gabrielle has had a love for flowers since she was a child. It all started with her grandmother. As a child, she became a Jr. Master Gardener and as she got older her Saturday farmers market trips were driven by the need for a bouquet from her favorite stand. 


Gabrielle and Trenton never guessed they would pack up their newly remodeled home where they had a small flower bed in their large vegetable garden and trade it for 40 acres, a total remodel, and an idea to start a business based on their lifestyle.

At Bendon Blossoms you will find many animals roaming the farm, fresh vegetables, and cut flowers that will make you swoon!

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